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  • Welcome to CSAR
    Welcome to CSAR — an educational resource for clinicians interested in learning and deepening their understanding of affect regulation theory and its applications.  Along with ...
  • The Prenatal Origins of Development and Experience Over the Life Span
    We are all survivors of our prenatal and birth experiences. Being alive now is evidence that enough resources were available (whether an abundance or only the bare minimum) to ...
  • The Untreatable Couple?
    Misfires and Arousal Dysregulation in Couple Therapy
    Perhaps the most important area of co-regulation is a couple’s ability to relieve distress. Couples who are unable to quickly attenuate and foreshorten distress states are in ...
  • Learning to Regulate Fear
    In the relatively safe space of the consulting room, two-thirds of my adult patients are learning to regulate fear. Fear—ranging from chronic generalized anxiety to a state of ...
  • Remembering to Forget
    As I arc toward the apex of life, I find myself more and more fascinated with the topic of memory. I don’t conjure up names so well, although truth be told, I was never very good ...
  • Why are we not better at regulating our self-states?
    Paradoxically, in spite of craving the experience of wellbeing, too often it eludes us. This is especially so when we need it most, in situations of emotional or interpersonal ...

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New blog posts by Ann Diamond Weinstein, Stan Tatkin, and Frances Sommer Anderson
New in our free (really!) CE-library: “Embryonic & Neural Development: Setting the Stage for the Lifespan,” a video lecture by Charles A. Nelson, PhD.


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