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  • Welcome to CSAR

    Welcome to CSAR — an educational resource for clinicians interested in learning and deepening their understanding of affect regulation theory and its applications. Along with content directly about affect regulation theory, we will cover the …Read More »
  • Remembering to Forget

    As I arc toward the apex of life, I find myself more and more fascinated with the topic of memory. I don’t conjure up names so well, although truth be told, I was never very …Read More »
  • Why are we not better at regulating our self-states?

    Paradoxically, in spite of craving the experience of wellbeing, too often it eludes us. This is especially so when we need it most, in situations of emotional or interpersonal stress. More significant still, is the …Read More »
  • History: From PsyBC to CSAR

    In the late 1980’s my brother, the host of NPR’s "Music from the Hearts of Space" and a serious nerd, introduced me to the internet. The educational potential and implications jumped out at me.Read More »
  • Catastrophic Shame and the Reorganization of Self

    Some years ago I sat with other attending clinicians in the tiny, one-window office of Joan Turkus, then medical director of “The Center” at the Psychiatric Institute of Washington, lamenting the density and intractability of …Read More »
  • Grief, Loss, and the Body

    We all have a tendency to talk about our “feelings” as if human emotions were a separate stream of information carried by a different pipeline. But our feelings are inextricably entangled with the words we …Read More »

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New blog posts by Terry Marks-Tarlow, Efrat Ginot, Dan Hill, Richard Chefetz, and Janina Fisher
New CE-accredited articles in the library: "Enjoyable Emotions" by Paul Ekman and "Factors Influencing Brain Development" by Bryan Kolb


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