About CSAR

CSAR—The Center for the Study of Affect Regulation—is an educational portal and multidisciplinary forum for mental health clinicians, researchers, and scholars interested in the field of affect regulation — the growing understanding that the capacity to regulate affect is at the core of development and central to adaptive functioning, and that deficits in the capacity to regulate affect underlie personality disorders and other psychiatric disorders.

There are five components to CSAR:

  • A library of CE accredited articles and videos.  All CE credits are free – completely free.
  • A blog featuring posts by theoreticians and clinicians exploring and applying affect regulation theory (beginning in Fall 2016)
  • Social media — Facebook and Twitter — which will direct you to important and interesting resources
  • A store featuring relevant books, materials, and videos from leading practitioners (coming soon)
  • Live conferences and workshops in New York City

We are:
Daniel Hill (Editor-in-Chief)
Lisa Kaufman (Managing Editor)
Tamar Schwartz (Web master and conference administrator)
Nadia Bassino (CE coordinator)

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