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Life In a Reality Shaped by Fearfulness, Disconnection, and Shame

If our childhood is emotionally wounding, survival systems are activated in both our minds and bodies. As a result, we live our lives from inside a reality which is different to the one we would have inhabited had we not been wounded. This parallel reality is embodied in the biological systems that mediate both our emotions and our perceptions of ourselves and other people.

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Cause or Effect?
How Best to Define Trauma

Popular culture tends to define trauma as “being the victim of harm,” and sees trauma as being located in the harmful experiences themselves. But is this the best way to define trauma? If we are trying to stem the tide of trauma, then we do indeed need to focus on harmful experiences in order to see how we might prevent them from happening in the future. However, if our aim is emotional healing, then we’d be wise to stick more closely to the dictionary. The dictionary defines ‘trauma’ as a wound, shock or injury; in so doing, it locates trauma in the impact made by negative experiences, rather than in the experiences themselves.

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