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Renowned clinicians and scholars share their thinking and experience on CSAR’s blog.  Some of the initial authors and topics are listed below, followed by a complete roster of our bloggers for 2016-2017.

Richard A. Chefetz, M.D.
Catastrophic Shame and the Reorganization of Self

Janina Fisher
Grief, Loss, and the Body

Efrat Ginot
Patterns of Dysregulation

Frances Sommer Anderson
Learning to Regulate Fear

Daniela F. Sieff
Cause or Effect: How Best to Define Trauma?

Karen Hopenwasser
The Spectral Fingerprint of Attunement

Terry Marks-Tarlow
Remembering to Forget

Stan Tatkin, PsyD.
The Untreatable Couple?
Misfires and Arousal Dysregulation in Couple Therapy

Ann Diamond Weinstein
The Prenatal Origins of Development and Experience Over the Life Span

Complete list of our bloggers:

Frances Sommer Anderson
Nancy Bravman
Richard A. Chefetz
Christine Courtois
Janina Fisher
Diana Fosha
Efrat Ginot
Virginia Goldner
Karen Hopenwasser
Elizabeth Howell
Sheldon Itkowitz
Alexandra Katehakis
Francine Lapides
Terry Marks-Tarlow
Arlene Montgomery
Ruth Newton
Pat Ogden
Natasha Prenn
Eileen Russell
Judith Schore
Sandra Shapiro
Daniela F. Sieff
Stan Tatkin
Nina Thomas
Sara Weber
Ann Diamond Weinstein

January 18, 2017
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