History: From PsyBC to CSAR

by Daniel Hill, PhD

In the late 1980’s my brother, the host of NPR’s “Music from the Hearts of Space” and a serious nerd, introduced me to the internet. The educational potential and implications jumped out at me. I was dismayed at the balkanization of my field. Psychoanalysis had fragmented into a jumble of schools of thought, each with its own journals and jargon and each cut off from and opposed to the others. Moreover, psychoanalysis had become isolated from other disciplines studying the mind and from other therapeutic modalities. I saw that the internet had the potential to break down walls and encourage inter-disciplinary approaches.

In 1996 I formed PsyBC, the first online provider of continuing education for mental health professionals. Glen Gabbard and I put together an extraordinary group of leading thinkers from each of the psychoanalytic schools of thought. Each month there was an online discussion of an article from one of the psychoanalytic journals. Utilizing the same format, I also formed panels of experts in CBT, group therapy, marriage and family therapy and psychopharmacology for psychotherapists. It was an exciting time, with some positive effects, but my real dream of an integrated, interdisciplinary approach was still a long way off.

In the early 2000’s I happened upon the seminal work of Allan Schore. He had formulated an inter-disciplinary, empirically and clinically based synthesis that he called regulation theory. It comprised an integration of attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology, traumatology, dissociative studies, developmental psychoanalysis and mother-infant studies   For me, this was the giant theoretical leap forward for which I’d been hoping. Moreover, I immediately saw its clinical power in my practice. In 2006, PsyBC began offering affect regulation conferences and workshops in NYC and, today, PsyBC is history and we’ve launched CSAR – The Center for the Study of Affect Regulation.


hill-danielDan Hill is a psychoanalyst, educator and a leading proponent of the paradigm shift to affect regulation.  In addition to his private practice he has taught courses for over 30 years at psychoanalytic and psychotherapy institutes.  In 1996 he founded PsyBC, The Center for the Study of Affect Regulation, which in 2015 became CSAR: The Center for the Study of Affect Regulation.  For the past ten years he has conducted conferences and private study groups focused on an in depth understanding of affective processes in normal development, pathogenesis and treatment.  Dr. Hill is on the faculties of the National Institute of the Psychotherapies and the New York University Postdoctoral Program in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy.  He is the author of the book Affect Regulation Theory: a Clinical Model (Norton).


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