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Welcome to CSAR — an educational resource for clinicians interested in learning and deepening their understanding of affect regulation theory and its applications. Along with content directly about affect regulation theory, we will cover the fields that contribute to it; attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology, traumatology, dissociative studies, psychoanalysis and mother-infant studies.

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Affect Regulation, Recognition, and Mutuality
by Jessica Benjamin

We may imagine the psychological position of the Third originating in the mutual accommodation, the system of adaptation and fitting (Sander, 2008) between mother and infant that I now call, for simplicity’s sake, the rhythmic Third.

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History: From PsyBC to CSAR

In the late 1980’s my brother, the host of NPR’s "Music from the Hearts of Space" and a serious nerd, introduced me to the internet. The educational potential and implications jumped out at me.

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