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Welcome to CSAR — an educational resource for clinicians interested in learning and deepening their understanding of affect regulation theory and its applications. Along with content directly about affect regulation theory, we will cover the fields that contribute to it; attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology, traumatology, dissociative studies, psychoanalysis and mother-infant studies.

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What Is Freedom?

As often happens via social media, a stimulating quote by Buddhist teacher Ken McLeod found its way into my email box:   “What is freedom? It is the moment-by-moment experience of not being run by one’s own reactive mechanisms.”

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Groucho Marx Said It First
Splitting as an Evolutionarily Adaptive Phenomenon

“Who ya gonna believe, me or your own eyes?”( Marx Brothers film, Duck Soup, 1933). “Who are you going to trust, me or your lying eyes?” (Richard Pryor, Live on the Sunset Strip, 1982). And from Dan Jenkins’ book, Life Its Ownself (1984), when the husband catches his wife in a meet-up with her lover at a Friday night Texas high school football game, and her protective girlfriend, standing guard at the Ladies room into which wife has fled, yells helpfully …

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The Prenatal Origins of Development and Experience Over the Life Span

We are all survivors of our prenatal and birth experiences. Being alive now is evidence that enough resources were available (whether an abundance or only the bare minimum) to enable us to survive this earliest period of our development.

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