Dissociation, Lack of Association, and Multiplicity

Dissociation is a normal and useful capacity of mind. In a basic sense, our abilities to focus attention, to separate figure from ground, and to concentrate deeply are manifestations of a dissociative capacity on which we all rely. Hypnosis relies on dissociative abilities; and deep concentration relies on absorption, an aspect of dissociation.

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Life In a Reality Shaped by Fearfulness, Disconnection, and Shame

If our childhood is emotionally wounding, survival systems are activated in both our minds and bodies. As a result, we live our lives from inside a reality which is different to the one we would have inhabited had we not been wounded. This parallel reality is embodied in the biological systems that mediate both our emotions and our perceptions of ourselves and other people.

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What Is Trauma?
Trauma and Dissociation

Statistics and common experience tell us that exposure to trauma is common to human beings. , to greater and lesser extents. But what is it that is being measured and experienced? Trauma is an event or experience that overwhelms the frameworks of the mind

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Exploring the Prenatal Origins of Our Core Beliefs and Behaviors

Our biological parents’ experiences before we were conceived, and during our gestation in our mothers’ wombs, shaped the quality of the environment in which we developed.  These experiences impacted their feelings about the pregnancy, evoking a range of reactions from joy, excitement, gratitude and acceptance, to despair, anger, fear, shame and rejection.

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Learning to Regulate Fear

In the relatively safe space of the consulting room, two-thirds of my adult patients are learning to regulate fear. Fear—ranging from chronic generalized anxiety to a state of chronic fearful hypervigilance, often verging on panic—that they have been living with every day since early childhood. All are high-functioning, productive, and living in relatively safe surroundings. All consulted me with somatic pain symptoms. Many were surprised to discover that they had been living in fear since childhood.

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