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Welcome to CSAR — an educational resource for clinicians interested in learning and deepening their understanding of affect regulation theory and its applications.  Along with content directly about affect regulation theory, we will cover the fields that contribute to it: attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology, traumatology, dissociative studies, psychoanalysis and mother-infant studies.

CSAR comprises several components.  Our BLOGS  are written by leading experts in therapeutic modalities that utilize regulation theory or contributing fields.  We hope that the blog posts and comments will expose clinicians to a variety of approaches, and that the myriad points of view will develop into a collective wisdom about the treatment of disorders stemming from early relational and later developmental trauma.

A second resource is our LIBRARY.  Here we offer articles and videos accredited for continuing education.  It’s all free including the CE credits.  Really.  Just register and you’re good to go.  We will be regularly adding new CE-accredited materials to the library, so check back often.

We also have a STORE that we’ll soon be stocking with in-depth presentations by leaders in the development of theory and/or practice of regulation theory and interpersonal neurobiology.

Finally, we will be continuing our acclaimed CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS in New York City. These will be announced in our bi-monthly NEWSLETTER, which will also alert you to new blog posts and additions to our library.

So, Welcome!  I think we have the makings of a vital, mutually informative, learning community.

Thanks for your support

Dan Hill

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